By Mental Maps is meant the cognitive maps, with which we attempt to bring order to the labyrinths of our thinking. Here there are paths, boundaries, and places, analogous to spatial orientation; however, these maps are not geographically arranged, but rather bio-graphically. As a network of memories, images, and sensory perceptions, they structure our individual mental orientation.

In Mental Maps & Patterns—under the artistic direction of  Mario and Sophie Heinemann Jaillet—this troupe is pursuing the labyrinthine topographies of these emotional and spatial thought patterns.

This time, Heinemann and Jaillet were also inspired by Margret Eichers work entitled Über den Gebrauch von Muster (On the Use of Patterns) and have spun a bold interplay between the places where our thinking is at home and that enigmatic term home.

With dance-like precision, with irony and moments of surprise, MS-Tanzwerk takes on the profound and sometimes even the abysmal, which emerges as the actual home during this transformation of a thinking abode and touches us ambivalently in doing so.

ms-tanzwerk thanks Margret Eicher.