"This time, the promoters once again showed just the right touch with the German-Swiss troupe known as MS Tanzwerk."
"An absolutely gratifying performance featuring great precision that once again made the audience want to see more."
"An impressive play with expressive and emotional dance, lighting effects, video projections and musical sequences."
"Heinemann continues to find impressive images."
"An explosive finale: The German-Swiss troupe MS-Tanzwerk enchanted the public with expressive choreography to close this years Schrittmacher /Pacemaker Festival."
"The piece called "Mental Maps & Patterns" ... a wonderfully irritating challenge to any and all festivals."
"... MS-Tanzwerks impressive dancers again provided the suspense
"There is something irresistible about restrained dynamics and suppleness."
"...fascinating in a disquieting way. Mario Heinemanns choreography seduces audiences with disciplined fantasy."
"Mystical, modern sounds and wide-screen video projections have been perfectly coordinated with the dance numbers."
"This kind of well thought-out, sensuously consistent dance form is precious, as the randomness of dance everywhere else has made painfully clear."
"Fascinating physicalness and intelligent staging, as contemporary dance is not only designed emotion, but is also clear-cut brainwork."
"A crowning finale with a fascinating troupe—MS-Tanzwerk."
"Frenetic applause - the audience rewarded the dance troupe and their choreographer/producer with frenetic applause for their enigmatic and aesthetic performance."
"Acclaimed finale to this years Schrittmacher Festival: The protagonists from MS-Tanzwerk provided a frantic finale."

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